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Nightphotos brings you a collection of photographs from the most beautiful locations during nighttime. The unique photos offer new perspectives on our surroundings, as the darkness of the night reveals a spectacular abundance of colours. Nightphotos has something to offer for everyone's taste: from serene landscapes and wonderful cities till impressive mountain peaks. Be sure to Explore the night for a refreshing view of the world!


Nightphotos is a project of Dutch photographer Wino Wijnen (WiW Photography). As a landscape- and nature-photographer with a special interest in the night, his photographs offer fascinating views of both our familiar and less well-known environment. His enthousiasm for night photography has resulted in the publication of "Wielder by Night", a collection of nightphotos from his birthplace Wijlre in the Netherlands. His most recent photobook "Amsterdam by Night" was published in December 2014. Currently he is working on several new projects, while continuing his nightly explorations.

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You can support this project by ordering Prints via this website. In line with my philosophy that we have to take care of our natural environment, 10% of the yearly profit will be donated to organizations that maintain the environment. You can view the list of previously sponsored organizations here.